CAT D5K LGP Track Dozer w/ 6 Way Blade (Operating Weight: 42,263lb)

The new Cat D5 succeeds the renowned D6N with superior performance, a fully automatic transmission and the broadest choice of technology features to help you get the most from your dozer. Nimble and responsive, it has power for dozing and finesse for grading.


Download CAT D5K LGP Dozer Spec Book here


Operating Weight 37875 lb
Ground Pressure 6.9 psi
Width of Standard Shoe 24 in
Blade VPAT
Blade Capacity 4.6 yd³


Blade Capacity 4.6 yd³
Fuel Tank 83.2 gal (US)
DEF Tank 4.2 gal (US)

CAT D5k LGP Dozer Specs

Operating Weight 42263 lb
Ground Pressure 4.7 psi
Width of Standard Shoe 33 in
Blade Capacity 5.5 yd³


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